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Cancer Plans


Why do You Need to have a Cancer Plan?


Because Cancer Creates Many Expenses Both Medical and Non-Medical! For every $100 of medical expenses that your health insurance covers... such as Hospitals, Doctors, Surgery, Treatments, Medicine and Tests... There are up to $172 of expenses that are not medically related such as Lost Wages, Travel, Child Care, Food, Lodging, Deductibles Home Recovery, Long Distance Calls and Housekeeping.



  • Cancer will strike 1 in 3 Americans... 3 of 4 Families.
  • Someone dies of cancer in the U.S. every 67 seconds.
  • Cancer is the leading killing disease of women 30-54 and Children
  • 49% of diagnosed cancer victims will survive.
  • 5 Million Americans have a history of cancer - 3 million are cured.
*These Statistics are taken from "Cancer Facts & Figures" Published by American Cancer Society.



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